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Kenny Scudero - Comfortably Awkward - Author Interview

Author Interview

1. Who is the plot based around?
The plot is based around Albert Ferenzo, a young college graduate who is looking for a job. He becomes discouraged by the job market and learns to hate the corporate lifestyle which he thought he would have.

2. What is the main idea of the plot?
The main idea of the plot is basically Albert Ferenzo’s journey and transformation. He wants to be rich and successful, but the only way to do so is to get a job and start at the bottom of a company just like everyone else. This wasn’t enough for Albert so he decides he wants to do things for himself and stop caring about rules or consequences. The story takes the reader on a ride and the ending brings everything together.

3. When does the plot take place?
The plot takes place during modern times. It goes hand-in-hand with the bad economy we are currently accustomed to and with the tough job market. This has a lot to do with the main idea of the plot because the book is based off of my own experiences trying to find a job in the year 2011.

4. Where does the plot take place?
It takes place in a fictional suburb of New York City called Statenville and it also takes place in New York City as we know it today.

5. Why did the plot develop the way it did?
I had the main ideas and thoughts in my mind for the book but it wasn’t until I was in the process of actually writing it that I saw the plot start to develop. As I got deeper and deeper into the book, I realized where I wanted to go with the plot and how I wanted to end the story. I do that with most of my writing and it works great for me. All I need is a few ideas and I can see where the writing takes me.

6. How did you come up with the idea for the plot?
I couldn’t find a job in my own life and that’s when I began writing. The book started out as my own personal thoughts against corporate America but then I was able to create a character and a fake story which contained some of my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

About the Book

For Albert Ferenzo, life is a series of ironic events that may or may not have a reason behind them. While struggling to find a niche for himself, Albert blames the corporate world for hindering his dream of making money and living a prosperous life. After playing the good guy his entire life, Albert decides that the only way to get ahead in the world is to be the bad guy. Albert questions his own fate as he drives himself to insanity in an effort to find happiness. The destinies of Albert and everyone around him intertwine as he finally realizes what life is all about or at least, he thinks he does in this revolt against normality.

Price: Paperback $ 12.95, Kindle $ 3.95
Pages: 268
Genre: Humorous Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: January 9, 2012
Buy Links: CreateSpace, Amazon

About the Author

"Comfortably Awkward" is Kenny Scudero's debut self-published novel. He is a twenty-two year old author from New York City who looks forward to a bright future in writing. Kenny recently graduated from St. John's University where he majored in Sport Management. At St. John's, Kenny was Sports Editor for the University newspaper. He is currently working on his second novel which will be out in the fall of 2012.

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