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Brian G. Michaud - The Road to Nyn - Review & Giveaway

About the Book

In a land where magic is outlawed, a young boy is living a double life. Although Kay is training to be a knight, he has been secretly studying the forbidden ways of magic with Alamin, a powerful but eccentric wizard.

After passing of the Trial of the Rings and being raised to squirehood, Kay has decided to tell Alamin that he is going to leave his magical studies behind. And why not? Kay hasn’t ever cast a spell without something going seriously wrong–like the random appearance of frogs or hungry wolves–besides, Kay could be banished from the kingdom just for associating with Alamin.

Kay’s plans are quickly obliterated when a horde of goblins attacks his village and captures his family and friends. Now, with his home lying in ruins, everything has changed. Along with Alamin and Felix, a self-serving kleptomaniac sprite, Kay embarks on an adventure that takes him across the Kingdom of Gaspar and into the dark and treacherous caves of the Goblin Realm. What Kay doesn’t realize is that his journey is leading him on a collision course with the Lord of Nyn – a being so powerful that none dare face him...not even Alamin himself!

My Review

I loved this book because for me it was like LORD OF THE RINGS light. Trees that grab people. An absentminded wizard wielding a staff. A boy carrying an oh so important piece of jewelry. A quest with an odd assortment of companions trekking to the bad guy's home base. And don't even get me started on "Mithandril" as a spell for a blue light shield. It brought out my inner Tolkien in a heartbeat!

But what I appreciate about Michaud's approach is that it makes for one heck of a children's bedtime story. I can picture parents reading it to their kids after tucking them in for the night, hearing them beg to hear just one more chapter. The imagery is vivid. Dark caves filled with giant, people-snatching bats. A mermaid kingdom that's like the ultimate aquarium on steroids. The Bridge of Bones that tries to turn unsuspecting victims into its skeletal structure. What fun!

However, it's the characters that kids won't be able to get enough of. The furry woodland creature, Bibo. The smart aleck sprite, Felix. The telepathic canine, Strapper. This merry band of misfits are a delight, coming to life on the page, making it easy to think they're real and not imaginary.

Michaud spins his own take on all of the classic fantasy elements from the dangerous old crone living in the swamp to the pomp and circumstance of a royal court. The story is steeped in medieval legend with a healthy dose of fairytale whimsy added in. It's scary enough that kids will duck under the covers, but not frightening enough to give them nightmares. It provides just the right blend of shivers and excitement.

Which leaves me to ponder, is Michaud the Mother Goose of Middle Earth? Hey, why not!


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About the Author

Brian G. Michaud lives in a small town in Massachusetts with his wife, Kim. When he is not reading or writing books, he can be found teaching music at a local elementary school or rocking out on guitar with the band, Too Loud.

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  1. Hello Carol,
    Thank you for your wonderfully entertaining review of The Road to Nyn. You started my day off with a hearty chuckle. The Mother Goose of Middle Earth - I love it!
    The Road to Nyn was fun to write, and I'm glad to hear that it was also fun for you to read. Though I didn't attempt to mimic Tolkien, I guess The Lord of the Rings is such a quintessential story that parallels are inevitable. (Side note: Did you know that some claim that Tolkien was influenced by Wagner's ring cycle operas?) In reflection, The Wizard of Oz also probably lent its influence on my book as well - the main character traveling on a journey and meeting friends along the way who both add to the story and have their own personal back stories as well.
    Thank you once again for your review. It's a pleasure to be here at The Plot Thickens, and I welcome any questions or comments from your readers.
    Brian Michaud

    1. Glad I gave you a chuckle and that we share the same taste in books!

  2. I love when modern, contemporary writers are inspired by the classics, too. It immediately draws you into their work because it feels new and familiar at the same time, doesn't it? Thanks for the review, Carol :)

    1. You know me - I adore references to the classics!